How does it work?

Freelance aircon technicians

We find the best and most experienced air-conditioner technicians in Singapore so that when you need a aircon servicing or repair we’ll have one ready to go to your home. This includes emergency repair works for dripping air-conditioners.

Lowest Prices

By using part-time technicians we save on costs, we pass these savings on to you and offer great prices while maintaining high quality standards.

confirm they’d like to take your job. On average we confirm aircon bookings within one minute.

No urgent fees

Do you need a same day or next-day servicing? We’ll match you with a technician with no urgent or emergency fees.

No contracts

We won’t try to sign you up to any long-term contracts. Instead we offer contract-level prices for one-time aircon servicing so you can pay only when you want to.

Our prices

  • Troubleshoot

    Extra Units: SGD10.00

  • Wall Unit Servicing

    Extra Units: SGD20.00

  • Window Unit Servicing

    Extra Units: SGD20.00

  • Ceiling Unit Servicing

    Extra Units: SGD30.00

  • Ducted Unit Servicing

    Extra Units: SGD30.00

  • Chemical Cleaning

    Extra Units: SGD70.00

  • Chemical Overhaul

    (Less Than 12,000 BTU)

  • Chemical Overhaul

    (More Than 12,000 BTU)

  • Coolant Top-Up


  • Coolant Top-Up



What makes us so special?

Verified professionals

All of our air-conditioner servicemen are background and identity checked.

30-day warranty period

If anything happens after the aircon technician leaves your home you have 30 days to contact our customer service for a complete refund if the service has been unsatisfactory.

Customer rating system

Our unique customer rating system ensures that only the best air-conditioner technicians are on our platform.

Great pricing

We keep our prices low and transparent so that when you make a booking you’re fully confident on the price you’ll pay


We’ve got you covered with $1,000,000 insurance if anything happens during a aircon servicing.

Easy urgent servicing

We have Singapore’s most flexible aircon servicing by using freelance technicians. You can make same day urgent bookings with no contract necessary.